CrabX Mudcrab Basket is designed to provide a safer and reduced handling technique of holding and transporting mudcrabs, perfect for use in boats. Our product makes the crabber safer by eliminating the need to tie mudcrabs from out of the pot.


          The large red basket has 10 individual smaller interlocking black containers with locking gates which mimic the dark safety of crabholes, meaning the crabs move naturally into the boxes.

There they are safe and separated.

It is designed to

  • Mimic the crabs natural habitat

  • Safely house 10 crabs (legal limit per person)

  • Suitable for amateurs and professionals

  • Proven to work, based on the natural mudcrab behaviour and movements

  • Made from Polypropoline plastic which is UV rated and long lasting


          When crabs are excessively handled or placed together in buckets they become stressed and are very likely to fight and drop nippers.

Creator Mark Short has a lengthy background in commercial crabbing and fishing beginning in 1978. Including Prawn trawling, Barramundi faming, Spanish Mackeral and live Trout.


Mark noticed that the fishing industry only focused on catching the crabs and not on the safety of handling them.


“We used to throw them into a bucket- which they hate because they are fiercely territorial and hate being near one another”


Being in a bucket in close proximity allows them to attempt to kill each other and latch onto each others nippers and legs forcing them to drop & lose those limbs (which are great to eat!).


“We also used to just throw them onto the bottom of the boat and they would all scurry away under seats and sight looking for a safe place while we all fear for our toes! My daughter was especially cranky with this means of handling the crabs!”


“I knew there had to be an easier way!”

Creator | Mark Short

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